Kaustic Plastik & Infinit Statue: Peter Sellers (The Pink Panther)


Von Infinite Statue und Kaustic Plastik kommt diese Peter Sellers Actionfigur in der Rolle eines seiner berühmtesten und zeitlosesten Charaktere, Inspector Jaques Clouseau im Blake Edwards Film The Pink Panther. Zwei Versionen und eine Deluxe Version.

– Peter Sellers lifelike Headsculpts (Handmade paint) two VERSIONS expression A and Expression B
– 8 Posable gloved hands
– 6 Posable hands (naked)
– One Body fully articulated
– Inspector trench (Handmade)
– French Police Jacket Uniform (Handmade)
– One white shirt with tie
– One pair of black pants
– Black Jacket
– One pair of shoes with real laces
– Beretta Gun
– Large bomb
– Magnifying lens
– White Police Baton
– Three interchangeable hats (2 Inspector hats and 1 Police Képi) –
– Interchangeable hair
– Wrist Watch
– Leather Police Badge
– Standard Stand (Magnetic)


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