Asmus Toys goes to New York


Asmus Toys werden im  Oktober die Comic Con in New York besuchen. Dort bekommen wie dann die ersten Figuren zu The Hateful 8 zu sehen und, laut der Ankündigung von Asmus, soll das nicht das einzige Debut sein. Wir sind gespannt.

Guess who’s going to New York Comic Con!!

If you are there from October 6 to 9, make sure to visit us at BOOTH 240! There will be plenty of good stuff waiting for you guys like our latest release Grishnakh and the upcoming Saruman Memorial Version. We will also be handing out vouchers for online orders.

Even greater news is that If you are excited for the Hateful 8 collection we’ve been planning on, then you MUST come…and it won’t be the only thing debuting!
So make sure you clear your schedule and we will see you at New York Comic Con next month!!!

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