Asmus Toys: Legolas at Helm’s Deep


Asmus Toys bringt eine Online store Exclusive Edition von Legolas at Helm’s Deep.
The Legolas at Helm’s Deep Exclusive Edition Sixth Scale Figure features authentic and detailed fully realistic likeness of Legolas from The Two Towers
· Approximately 30 cm tall
· Over 34 points of articulation

· Asmus Toys ADAM body
· An authentic likeness of the actor from the feature films.
· One pair of relaxed posture hand
· One pair of weapon holding hand
· One pair of fist posture hand
· One bow drawing hand for sing arrow
. One bow drawing hand for double arrows
· One pair of two parts boot, enhanced ankle articulation

Special features on Clothing:
· One pair of long sleeved undervest
· One pair of long underpants
· One green elven vest
· One elven cape
· One belt with scabbard
. One elven belt
. One pair of elven brace
. One pair of Rohan shoulder armour

Special features in weapons:

. One Rohan sword
· One pair of Legolas’ elvish knives
· One pair of the knife sheath
· One pair of dagger decorative handle of the knife
· Bow of the Galadhrim
· The arrows of Lórien x 6
· The Lórien quiver

· One Asmus Toys figure stand

Exclusive Edition includes:
· A lamp of Helm’s Deep
. A part of Uruk-hai battle ladder
· Interactive diorama featuring wall and staircase of the keep

Est. Shipping Date: Q3 2021

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