Big Chief Studios: Commander John Koenig (Space: 1999)


Big Chief Studios präsentiert CommanderJohn Koenig aus der Sci-Fi-Serie “Mondbasis Alpha 1”.

– Commander John Koenig Portrait Head featuring a fully realised likeness of Martin Landau
– Anatomix Male Body (Standard) with over 30 Points of Articulation
– Moonbase Alpha Personnel Command Jersey with Zippered Left Arm
– Pair of Moonbase Alpha Personnel Flared Trousers with Zippered Left Leg
– Specially Tailored Body-form Padded Under-suit
– Faux Leather Wide Belt
– Pair of Moonbase Alpha Personnel Boots
– 8 x Interchangeable hands
– Commlock Personal Communication Device
– Stun Gun
– Holster
– Display Base with Stand

Limited to 1999 pieces worldwide!

bcs-CommanderJohnKoenig01 bcs-CommanderJohnKoenig02 bcs-CommanderJohnKoenig03 bcs-CommanderJohnKoenig04 bcs-CommanderJohnKoenig05 bcs-CommanderJohnKoenig06

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