Brown Art: GRIBEAUVAL 12-Pounder Cannon


Von Brown Art kommt dieses Geschütz.

New product from Brown Art.
All made of metal and wood.

Normal version Weathered version

1.metallic 12-pounder tube *1
2.wooden two-wheel carriage *1
3.wooden coffer *1
4.wooden bucket *1
5.sacks *7
6.sponge rod fitted with a rammer *1
7.wad hook *1
8.wooden poles *2
9.cannonball *1(set)

ba- 12-POUNDER01

ba- 12-POUNDER02

ba- 12-POUNDER03

ba- 12-POUNDER04

ba- 12-POUNDER05

ba- 12-POUNDER06

ba- 12-POUNDER08

ba- 12-POUNDER09

ba- 12-POUNDER10

ba- 12-POUNDER12

ba- 12-POUNDER13

ba- 12-POUNDER14

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