Chronicle Collectibles: Dr. Alan Grant (Jurassic Park)


Chronicle steigt ins 1/6 Scale Geschäft ein und startet mit Dr. Alan Grant und einem Saurier.

– One swappable portrait of Grant wearing his iconic hat
– Additional portrait of Grant, sans hat
– Swap out hands that are gloved and holding a baby raptor
– Swap out hand holding a flare
– Keep figure away from technology
– Keep children away from figure


chro-grant01 chro-grant02 chro-grant03 chro-grant04 chro-grant05 chro-grant06

1/6 Scale Velociraptor (Jurassic Park)

– At least 12 points of articulation
– Three pairs of hands: Relaxed, neutral and attack
– Measures approximately 64 x 30 cm
– Constructed of PVC
– Lethal at nine months


chro-grant07 chro-grant08 chro-grant09

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