Blitzway: Ghostbusters – ECTO-1 (Ghostbusters: Afterlife)


Blitzway presents the other hero from Ghostbusters – ECTO-1 !!!

And in his aging rusty version from GHOSTBUSTERS AFTERLIFE

– Highly Detailed likeness of ECTO-1 from the GHOSTBUSTERS: AFTERLIFE, 2022
– Highly Detailed likeness of the 1959 Cadillac Miller-Meteor Ambulance
– Accurate roof rack and exterior structures
– Precise and detailed engine and underside
– Realistically designed structures and props
– 37 LED Light-up functions on the exterior & interior
– Rotating light bars with 2 motors
– Effect of Siren sound
– Features audio paly with USB & micro SD plug-in
– Fully openable of 5 doors and bonnet
– Interlocking of front wheels and steering wheel
– Turnable 4 Wheels
– 4 Ghostbusters’ figures can fit in
– Product Size: L 1160mm W 450mm H 540mm
– Product Weight : Approximately 33kg (including Package)


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