Hot Heart: Ms.Valentine 2.0


Und zum xten Mal eine Jill Valentine. Zwei Versionen und eine Deluxe Version mit beiden Outfits.

FD009c (New Version and Classical With Two Head-Sculpts )

One head sculpt with movie-accurate facial expression(serious countenance of looking straight ahead)
One head sculpt with movie-accurate facial expression(smiling countenance of looking at the side)
One newly developed specialized body approximately 28 cm tall (notseamless body)
One white vest
One grey blue vest
One arm sleeve
One pair of jeans
One pair of old boots
One necklace
One blue strapless
One white T-shirt
One black short skirt
One pair of high boots
One pair of black silk stockings
Three pairs of interchangeable hands
One pair of wristbands
One police beit
One set of black belt and suspender
One matal-dagger
One set of sheath
One set of pistol
One set of holster
One set of M3 shotgun
One badge
One set of walkie-talkie

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