Hot Heart: Wade Wilson


Hot Heart kündigen diesen Wade Wilson an.

Configuration list:

One (1) head sculpt with movie-accurate facial expression
One(1)newly developed specialized strong body
Eight (8) pieces of interchangeable hands including
One(1) set of support
Two(2) set of alloy warrior knife
One(1) set of pistol(include a distressed holster)
One(1) set of Army bayonet(include a distressed scabbard)
One(1)set of back hanging type scabbard
One(1)set of distressed red T-shirt
One(1)set of black tactical vest
One(1)set of distressed military multi bag pants
One(1)pair of distressed military boots
One(1)piece of military identification cards

Die Figur kann bei S.P.A.C.E vorbestellt werden.





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