Hot Toys: Doc Ock (Spider-Man: No Way Home)


One of the most highly-anticipated returning villains in Spider-Man: No Way Home is none other than the iconic Doctor Octopus, a.k.a. Doc Ock, played by renowned actor Alfred Molina in the early Spider-Man movies. Threatens to destroy the city with his generator, Doc Ock has now crossed universes through the interdimensional pathway to attack Spider-Man with his mechanical tentacles.

Receives great popularity after Spider-Man: No Way Home release, today Hot Toys will officially introduce your favorite villain – Doc Ock and his nano-tech enhanced tentacles as 1/6th scale collectible figure (Deluxe Version) from the Spider-Man collection.

Masterfully crafted based on Doc Ock’s appearance in the movie portrayed by Alfred Molina, the 1/6th scale figure features a newly developed head sculpt with incredible likeness; perfectly tailored outfit highlighting authentic details on his belt and coat; bendable tentacles extended from his back with articulated claws, capturing his signature weapons and its mechanical design down to the smallest attention; a pair of goggles, a tentacle spear, and dynamic figure stand.

The Deluxe Version will exclusively include four additional nano tech tentacles interchangeable with the original ones to recreate the big fight scene between Peter Parker and Doc Ock in this universe.

Prepare to encounter this tentacled foe and start your Spider-Man collection today!

The 1/6th scale Doc Ock Collectible Figure (Deluxe Version) special features:
– Newly developed head sculpt with authentic and detailed likeness of Alfred Molina as Doc Ock in Spider-Man: No Way Home
– Movie-accurate facial features with wrinkles and skin texture
– Body with over 30 points of articulation
– Approximately 31.5cm tall
– Seven pieces of interchangeable gloved hands including:
– One pair of fists
– One pair of relax hands
– One pair of gesture hands
– One right hand for holding goggles
– Each piece of head sculpt is specially hand-painted

– One dark green colored long coat
– One brown colored blazer
– One black colored turtle neck shirt
– One pair of dark grey colored pants
– One pair of black colored socks
– One pair of black colored shoes
– One metallic silver colored belt

– Four mechanical tentacles (equipped with bendable wire) with two styles of articulated claws
– One tentacle spear (attachable to the upper tentacles)

– Four nano tech tentacles (equipped with bendable wire) with two styles of articulated claws***
– One pair of goggles
– Specially designed dynamic figure stand with movie logo and character nameplate

*** Exclusive to Deluxe Version


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