IQO Model: WWII 1944 Ronan-do


Von IQO Model kommt diese WKII Figur Das Pferd erscheint separat in zwei Farben.

IQO Model new product (NO.91007):1/6 WWII 1944 Ronan-do

Configuration list:
-one(1) 1/6 simulation head carving
-one(1) Movable entity
-eight(8)Pieces of Interchangeable Palms

-one(1) Trousers
-one(1) Jacket
-one(1) Hat
-one(1) Cap
-two(2) Shoes(dermal)
-two(2) Leggings(dermal)
-one(1) Belt(dermal)

-two(2) White gloves
-one(1) Helmet (metal)
-one(1) helmet cover
-one(1) Wind mirror
-one(1) Cartridge case
-one(1) Kettle(metal)
-one(1) Glove bag
-one(1) Type 44 cavalry gun (metal, wood, bolt can be pulled)
-one(1) Type 32 cavalry knife(metal)
-one(1) Black figure stand

IQO Model new product: 1 / 6 WWII series warhorse NO.91008A/B

Detailed list:
-one(1)Horse (A white, B Brown)
-two(2)Leather bag (leather)
-two(2)Stirrup (metal)
-one(1)Glove bag
-one(1)Type 32 cavalry knife (metal)

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