Mars Toys: Ghost Hunter


Eine weiterer Leonardo DiCaprio als Hugh Glass aus The Revenant kommt von Mars Toys.

Part list:
-Head sculpt*1 pcs
-Body*1 pcs
-Replaceable bandage hand type*7 pcs

Clothing style:
-Blue-gray shirt*1 pcs
-Brown gray coat*1 pcs
-Brown gray pants*1 pcs
-With fluffy hat*1 pcs
-Fluffy warm leggings*1 pair
-Brown grey shoes*1 pair
-Brown leather belt with holster*1 pcs
-Brown-grey messenger bag with knife cover*1 pcs
-Faux bear fur coat*1 pcs

-Flintlock pistol*1 pcs
-Flintlock Rifle*1 pcs

-Bear claw necklace*1 pcs
-Fighting knife*1 pcs
-Horn*1 pcs
-Whirlpool kettle*1 pcs
-Wooden stick*1 pcs
-Specially designed floor*1 pcs

Pre-ordered gift only
-Axe of Vengeance*1 pcs
-Axe holster*1 pcs

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