Pro Force Toys: Hong Kong Police PTU Tactical Unit


Pro Force Toys bringt diesen Hongkong Polizisten.

Products include the following:
Head carving
Plain body, soles of the feet beret
Styling hand x6
Wear finger gloves x6
White summer uniform
Magnetic epaulettes (two pairs)
Red chicken rope
Corset pants
Long barrel tactical shoes Riot helmet (with flashlight
and laser)
Stab-resistant vest (with lettering stickers)
Hand and foot armor
S10 gas mask (with thigh bag)
Waist pouch x2
Large pocket at the waist
Water bag (with large water)
New CC4 communicator and shoulder mount
New pepper water pistol and sleeveM10
revolver and sleeve with quick loader sleeve
Telescopic baton (two-shaped) and waist hanging
Riot-proof long stick and waist hanging
New carry-on recorder
GOPr walk-in recorder
USB fan
Equipment buckle x2, orange band x1
Large pepper spray and leg hanging
Hand throw tear gas x2
Flashlight and waist hanging
Vandal-resistant Remingden shotgun (with six bullets)
Quick hand strap x2

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