Star-Ace: Harry Potter


Der Hersteller Star-Ace war uns bislang nicht bekannt. Er präsentiert eine Harry Potter Figur. Auch wenn ich kein Fan bin, freue ich mich darüber, dass endlich mal wieder ein Hersteller einen Jugendlichen bringt.

Product series: My Favorite Movie Series – Harry Potter
Product code: SA001
Product name: Harry Potter

Product description:
‐ 1/6th scale approximately 26 cm tall
‐ Body with around 30 points of articulations
‐ Authentic and detailed realized likeness based on the original movie of Harry Potter ‐ Philosopher’s Stone as the role of Harry Potter
‐ Each piece of head sculpt is specially hand‐painted
‐ Accurate facial expression with detailed wrinkles and skin texture
‐Delicate sewing costume

1. FIVE (5) pieces of interchangeable palms including:
‐One (1) pair of open palms
‐One (1) right palm for holding broomstick
‐One (1) right palm for holding wand
‐One (1) left palm for holding broomstick

2. Costume:
‐One (1) white shirt
‐One (1) stripped tie
‐One (1) pair of black trouser
‐One (1) Gryffindor sweater
‐One (1) Gryffindor black gown
‐One (1) pair of socks

3. Accessories:
‐One (1) pair of glasses
‐One (1) Nimbus 2000 broomstick
‐One (1) philosopher’s stone
‐One (1) wand
‐One (1) sorting hat
‐One (1) Hedwig
‐One (1) golden snitch
‐One (1) pair of black shoes
‐One (1) figure stand with harry potter name plate and the movie logo

Release date: Late Q2, 2014




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