TBLeague: Sobek


TBLeague presents Sobek in the great Egyptian series. He is the crocodile god of Egyptian mythology, was the ruler of the water and was also worshiped as the god of fertility. He appears in a black version with his mouth closed and a white version with his jaw open.

Packing List:
– head sculpt with fixed headdress
– TBLeague 1/6 scale male seamless body with metal skeleton
– neck armor
– one pair of bands for upper arms
– strip of cloth for right upper arm
– sleeve for left lower arm
– one pair of armor for lower arms
– waist armor
– leather skirt-like garment
– skirt/kilt-like garment (fabric material)
– one pair of detachable feet
– ankh
– one pair of armor for lower legs
– calf leg sleeve for right lower leg
– three pairs of interchangeable hands
– sword
– scabbard for the sword
– sceptre
– base with holder
– underpants
– belt for hanging shield
– shield
-a trip of cloth to fasten on the waist


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