TBLeague: Tricity – Goddess of Lightning Super Deluxe Exclusive


Adrianne Curry – America’s Next Top Model Gewinnerin, Moderator von Stan Lees Super Fans, VH1) erscheint als Tricity im Comic: Gekido # 1)

As seen on TV: E! Entertainment Television’s “Ice Loves Coco” (with Ice-T & Coco),
TV celebrity supermodel winner Adrianne Curry portrays TRICITY in the comic book, Gekido #1.

(Adrianne Curry: America’s Next Top Model winner, Host of Stan Lee’s Super Fans, VH1) appears as Tricity in the comic book: Gekido #1)
“They” took her. Tortured her. Forced her to do unconscionable things. Using bio-tech elements, they turned her into a human weapon to carry out their twisted missions… She wakes to find scars all over her body. Someone had taken her. She starts to remember… Her name was Genie. She taught special needs children, was an aspiring writer trying to move on with her life after the breakup from her fiancé, until… they took control of her mind, turned her into a living high voltage capacitor, a weaponized slave. In battle, her neural link broke, allowing her to break free & escape.  Now she is the one in control!  Her existence threatens their whole operation, & they won’t stop until they destroy her. Before they strike again, Tricity plans to use her electrically-infused cybernetic implants to exact revenge on her captors. They thought they made her into a weapon, but instead gave birth to their executioner. Now they will be the ones to suffer.

Part List:
– 1 x head sculpt (with synthetic hair) featuring a face-sculpt of the original artistic designed, stylized-version of Tricity (who Adrianne Curry portrays in the Gekido #1 comic book).
– 1 x TBLeague female seamless body with stainless steel armature
– (Posable body with 28 points of articulation) & removable feet
– 3 sets of hands & fists.
– Highly detailed display base.
– 1 flexible rubberized costume bodysuit.
– Removable mask.
– Bio-Tech Weaponized Arm Implants with sculpted lightning bolt electrical effect (non-lit).
– Ear rings, shoes & hair clip.








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