The Lord of the Rings – Lizenz für Asmus Toys


Asmus Toys hat eine Herr der Ringe Lizenz erworben. Folgende News findet sich auf der Asmus Webseite:

Celebrating the screening of the Hobbit, Asmus Toys is proundly to present you the newest addition to our license archive – The Lord of the Rings.

In 2013, we will bring you the characters from the best epic movie ever into 1/6 scale. There will be good and there will evil, there will be a brand new page full of wonderful creatures and heroes from the Middle Age ! There will be the fellowship, Helm’s deep, and the return of the King It is not going to be a one or two figure series, this is going be full set of your favor characters, from any gender and any race !!So clear your shelf for the line of figures of your time, because the one ring that rules it all, has been remade. 

Please keep an eye on our fellow up news regard the Lord of the Ring series, there will soon be an announcement of our first figure, also a exclusive website plus tons of events and update
Wir sind schon sehr  gespannt darauf!

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