Threezero: King Ezekiel


Threezero zeigte ein erstes Preview Bild von King Ezekiel.



mittlerweile im Preorder.

The costume of Ezekiel contains:

– a trench coat
– a full body armor vest
– a black undershirt
– a grey button-up shirt
– a necklace
– a pair of pants
– a belt with buckles
– one pair of boots
– a plumage
– one pair of elbow pads
– one pair of kneepads
– one pair of armguards

The action-figure comes with the following accessoires:

–  a pistol
–  a light machine gun with strap
–  a Shikomizue with removable sword
–  four pair of interchangeable hands:
one pair of fists
one pair of relaxed hands
one pair of hands for holding firearms
one pair of for holding the shikomizue


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