Threezero: The Night King (Game of Thrones)


Threezero präsentiert den Night King aus Game of Thrones.

The Night King collectible figure features an authentically detailed likeness to the character’s appearance in the Final Season of the hit HBO television series Game of Thrones.

1/6th scale Game of Thrones Night King collectible details:
Highly-accurate likeness to the character as portrayed in the television series.
* 13 inches (~33cm) tall articulated figure featuring tailored clothing with finely detailed textures and weathering
* Authentic head sculpt with detailed wrinkles and icy texture
* Newly sculpted body unique to Night King
* Shoulder Mantle
* Breast plating
* Forearm bracers
* Fabric belt
* Skirt
* Boots
* Pants
* Exchangeable hands:
– One pair of relaxed hands
– One pair of gripping hands
* Ice Spear
* Ice Sword

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