Very Cool: Little Dragon Girl


Very Cool präsentiert diese hübsche Asiatin. Vorlage war auch hier wohl eine TV-Serie.

– Exquisite semi hair transplant head carving
– VC Joint encapsulated mesothorax voxel(new steel bone)
– sleeved over-dress made of yarn
– Pants
– Boots
– Skirt
– Underwear
– Waist seal
– Butterfly Hair Band
–  Secret script of “Jade girl Heart Sutra”
– Fixing buckle * 4
– Hemp rope
– Swing (Solid wood, each will be different)
– Guqin(solid wood baking paint)
– Natural hand(a pair)
– Hook hand (a pair)
– Holding hand (a pair)
– Boxer type hands (a pair)


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