Very Cool: The Holy Man


Von Very Cool kommt diese Figur, welche sich wohl auf ein chinesisches Videospiel bezieht. Sie würde aber wohl auch sehr gut zu den Figuren zur chinesischen Antike passen. Toll ist der zweite Head Sculpt mit geschlossenen Augen.

I asked Buddha why sitting back to us, and sighed people refuse to turn back…
I wanted the sky not to cover my eyes…
I wanted the land not to bury my heart…
I hoped all people understand what I mean to them …
I wanted all Buddha vanished in smoke…

The Holy Man

Inherited the legacy with a thousand of years past in silence, the Holy Man went through every hardships to travel thousands of mile alone for pursuing the ultimate spirit realm of Buddhism…

Product Name: 1/6 Debuting of The Holy Man
Product No: DZS-001

Product Checklist:

-Interchangeable Head Sculpts x 2 (Normal & Eye-Closed Expression);
-Heightened Figure Body x 1;
-Silk Cassock x 1;
-Silk Robe x 1;
-Pants x 1;
-Scarf x 1;
-Pair of Leg Bandage x 1;
-Pair of Socks x 1;
-Par of Sandals with Strap x 1;
-Waist Strap with Metal Beads x 1;
-Leather Loin Cloth x 1;
-Armed Guard x 2;
-Cane Roller x 2;
-Bamboo Hat x 1;
-Alloy Wand x 1;
-Flexible Metal Waist Clip x 1;
-Stone-Shaped Display Stand x 1

Release Date: End of June, 2015

TM & © Copyright by Tencent. The sixth scale collectable figure series of Tencent Game of Dou Zhan Shen (a.k.a. Asura) is solely authorized and licensed by Tencent to VERYCOOL.

© 2015 Very Cool Model (Hong Kong) Limited. All Right Reserved.











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