War Story: Assault Forces Troop


Von War Story komme diese Star Waes inspirierten Strormtrooper Mädels in weißer und roter Rüstung.

WAR STORY TOYS 1/6 Assault Forces Troop No.WS015
1 Seamless figure body
2 head sculpt
3 Helmeted head sculpt
4 Leather like jacket
5 short pants
6 leather like trousers
7 chest armor
8 waist belt with holster
9 Thigh armor x 1 pair
10 Leg armor x1 pair
12 High heels tactic shoes x1 pair
13 Shoulder armor x1 pair
14 Upper arm armor x1 pair
15 Forearm armor x1 pair
16 3 pair of exchangeable hands
17 Grenade
18 Headband
19 Jetpack
20 Jetpack fire effect x2
21 Rifle
22 Figure stand

Red armor random edition:
Small chance for red armor version random in box

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