Woo Toys: Fat Viking


Part List:
1. Blue Sweatshirt x 1pcs
2. Red Half sleeve coat x 1pcs
3. Gloves x 1pair
4. Plaid casual pants x1pcs
5. Casual sandals x1pair
6. Fake belly x1pcs
7. Soda x2pcs
8. Beer x2pcs
9. Controller x1pcs
10. Watch x1pcs
11. Fat Vikings head sculpt x 1pcs ***Head sculpt come painted, they show only a blank sculpt picture right now, by placing the deposit you agree to accept the head sculpt whatever it looks like finally*** AGAIN PLEASE THINK CAREFULLY BEFORE YOU PULL THE TRIGGER***
12. Sunglasses for Vikings x 1pcs
13. Fat male action figure(world box AT018)



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