World Box: Smuggler (Downtown Union)


World Box präsentiert mit dem Smuggler eine neue Figur in der hauseigenen Downtown Union Serie. Zwei Varianten, mit und ohne Hund.

World Box Smuggler 1/6th scale Collectible Figure Specifications
NO. AT036
– One(1)head carving
– One(1)body
– Four(4)pairs of hands, natural hand, open hand, gun-holding hand, and object-holding hand
– One(1)tan trench coat
– One(1)brown-red T-shirt with two dragons printed on the front
– One(1)black raincoat
– One(1)pair of distressed blue jeans with torn craftsmanship on the knees
– One(1)pair of mid-top boots
– One(1)spear gun, rubber band can achieve real stretching effect
– One(1)fish arrow with an arrow line at the end, which can be pulled through the real rotation of the lower hub of the gun body
– One(1)flashlight, built-in circuit can realize real light switch
– One(1)gold watch
– One(1)machete with a green handle
– One(1)cigarette
– One(1)grouper, with a fish arrow through the middle
– One(1)piece of jade pendant in the shape of Guanyin on the chest
– One(1)yellow and black pattern dog
– One(1)Tie a dog metal chain
– One(1)new type of bracket drawer, with figures corresponding to the environment patterns on the front and sides


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