Asmus Toys: Gandalf the White & Shadowfax


Asmus Toys präsentieren Gandalf the White mit Shadowfax.

Asmus ADAM body
Approximately 30 cm tall
Over 36 points of articulation

Features :
Super detailed head in super detail and likeness to the movie actor, with hand glued real wool beard and hair.
One pair palm opened aged man hand
One pair relax gesture aged man hand
One pair of weapon holding gesture aged man hand
One finger pointing gesture aged man left hand

Special features on Clothing:
One pure white patterned vest
One milky white cape
One pair of white patterned long sleeved robe
One pair of white pants
One milky white belt with pattern printing
One pair of handmade fabric boots

Special features in weapons:
Glamdring (with elvish printing)
A Gandalf the White wizard staff

One Asmus Toys Crown series display base with grass land diorama

Special features:
. A 1/6th scaled Shadowfax (non action, in polystone)

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