Buzz Toys: The White Wolf


Buzz Toys bringt mit  The White Wolf den ersten Witcher zur Netflix Serie.

A simulated placid head sculpture
–  An angry head sculpture
–  A LIMACTION BODY 1/6 scale articulated body

Six interchangeable gloved hand types include:
–  A pair of relaxed hands
–  A pair of clenched fists
–  A sword-wielding sculptor
–  A French seal molding hand

Clothing style:
–  A patchwork black cloth coat
–  A pair of black leather tailored trousers
–  A black breastplate
–  A black backplate
–  A pair of shoulder armor
–  A pair of arm guards
–  A pair of bracers
–  A pair of detachable boots
–  A belt.
–  An over-the-shoulder strap
–  A necklace.
–  An old black hooded cloak

–  A fine steel sword
–  A fine silver sword

–  A sword holster
–  A leather sheath that can hold a sword
–  A purse
–  A severed paw

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