Coo Model: Zenki of Ikomayama


Coo Model präsentiert diesen Dämonen aus der  Nightmare Serie als limitierte Exclusive Figur zum Wonder Festival 2020 in Shanghai.

The 1/6th scale Zenki Collectible Figure specially features:
– One realistic head sculpture of Zenki with fabric hair
– One super action red body
– Six Pieces of Interchangeable Palms
– One pair of red feet

– One white waist band
– One pair of blue trousers

– One beige left shoulder armor
– One left arm vambrace
– One skull-shaped right shoulder armor
– One black and gold right arm bracelet
– One brown waist band
– One brown wast support with gold edge
– One suit of  beige waist armor
– One pair of black cuishes
– One pair of black and gold jambeaus
– One rope armor tie

– One katana (long sword)
– One red katana scabbard
– One red spear
– One white back flag with flower pattern
– One white back flag with circle pattern

– One holy light circle
– One holy light connecter
– One black figure stand


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