Easy & Simple: MU Tier-1 Operator Prt III


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Easy&Simple 26009 SMU Tier-1 Operator Prt III – 1

Breakdown List
Real like Head Sculpt
ES-Buddy 2.0 Body
AOR1 Gen2 Navy Cut Combat Shirt
AOR1 Gen2 Navy Cut Combat Pants
0612A Rigger’s Belt
AOR1 6094A Plate Carrier Back Panel and Waist Cummerbund
AOR1 6094K Triple 5.56 Mag Pouch Front Panel
AOR1 6094K Quadruple MP7 Mag Pouch Front Panel
AOR1 6074A Modular Battery/NVG Pouch
AOR1 Double Pistol Mag Pouch
AOR1 Strip Slap Charge Pouch
AOR1 Single Grenade Pouch
AOR1 50oz Hydration Pouch
AOR1 9022B Blow Out Kit
AOR1 Single Pistol Magazine Pouch
10’’ 416 5.56mm RAHG Assault Rifle
551 Holographic Sight
3x Magnifier
LA5-PEQ Indicator
M600 Tactical Light
Tactical Remote
Backup Iron Sights
Blackout 5.56 Suppressor
Tactical Foregrip
30rd Steel Magazines
30rd E-Magazines
AOR1 2500BZ AOR1 Tactical Sling
MP7 Submachine Gun
Micro T1 Red Dot Scope
QD Riser Scope Mount
Tactical Foregrip
M300 Tactical Light
LA5-PEQ Indicator
MP7 Suppressor
40rd Magazines
AOR1 2500BZ AOR1 Tactical Sling
P226 9mm Pistol
Serpa Standard Retention Holster
Pistol Magazines
AOR1 FAST Ballistic High Cut Helmet
NVG Shroud
L4G32NVG Mount
GPNVG-18 Night Vision Goggle
Remote Battery Pack
TAC Switch Helmet Light
XA Pro 3D Boots
M-Original Gloves
Dominator Tactical Headset& U94 PTT with Bottle Cap Modification
PRC-148 Radio
PRC-152 Radio
Folding Antenna
Antenna Extension Cable PRC-152
MK54 MOD2 Dual Shock Tube Initiator System
M112 C4 Charge
Backlit Tactical Compass
Foretrex 401 GPS
SS V-lite Manta Strobe
MK13mod0 Flash Bang
M-67 Frag Grenade
Tactical Bolt Cutter
IR Light Sticks
Safety Sling
E+LITE e02 P2 Head Light
Permanent Marker
Ball Pens
AOR1 Camo Fabric Wrap











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