Executive Replicas & TBLeague: Metropolis – Maschinenmensch


Executive Replicas & TBLeague präsentieren die Maschienen Maria aus Metropolis.

The Metropolis Robot AKA False Maria AKA Maschinenmensch is one of the most iconic robots in film history and one of the first robots depicted in cinema. It is also a historic piece of science fiction history. Elegant in design, The Maschinenmensch replication used all modern technology and ALL reference material available to achieve the final product. Every effort was put into making this figure a genuinely collectible ART piece to guarantee to go up in value.

Details :
1 set of armor: The armor includes the following:
1 x faceplate
1 x back of the head plate
1 x front torso
1 x back torso
1 x right bicep
1 x left bicep
1 x right forearm
1 x left forearm
1 x right hand
1 x left hand
1 x upper right thigh
1 x upper left thigh
1 x right calf section
1 x left calf section
1 x right boot
1 x left boot
6 x ribs
2 x helmet hooks
2 x shoulder front torso hooks
1 x sculpted head
1 x female seamless body (model# JQQ10C-YS)
1x black bodysuit to blend at joint openings
1 x base representing Art Deco architect – material: resin
1 x chair/throne as seen in the film – material: resin
The armor is made out of zinc alloy and painted its original silver tone color.
1 x 5″x7″ numbered metal sublimation COA
High-end 4 color packaging.

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