Gametoys: Sephiroth – One-Winged Angel


GameToys bringt Sephiroth zu Final Fantasy.

Product number: GT-003
Product placement list:
The total height of the character is about 34CM
– GameToys’ new and independently developed quadricomponent male *1 GTBD-003
(back hole for wing connector mounting)
– Head sculpture *1 (normal expression)
– Replacement hand *8
– Doll display bracket *1 (waist clip serpentine tube)
– Shoulder armor *2 (each shoulder armor is divided into 3 pieces, magnet adsorption, shoulder armor can be removed separately)
– waist strap *1
– Arm cover *2
– Belt ornament *1(with 4 feather shape hanging ornament)
– belt *3
(winding layers are complex, it is recommended to wear and take off as little as possible)
– Special buckle *18
– Shoes *2 (pair of “handmade leather boots”)

– Black leather garment *1 (selection of high quality leather material, pattern offset printing and embossing process, coat tail inlaid metal wire can be shaped)
Note: a small hole will be cut at the back of the leather garment for wing mounting.
– Black leather pants *1

Weapon accessories:
– Masamune nodachi *1 (alloy blade, total length about 36CM)
– Black One Wing *1 (hand-made feathered wings with wire to shape)
– wing connector *1

Due to present
– Head sculpture *1 (eyes closed)

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