Hot Toys: C3PO (Star Wars)


C-3PO longs for more peaceful times, but his knowledge of more than seven million forms of communication — keeps the worry-prone droid in the frontlines of galactic conflict. Programmed for etiquette and protocol, C-3PO was built by a young Anakin Skywalker, and has been a constant companion to astromech R2-D2. Over the years, he was involved in some of the galaxy’s most defining moments and thrilling battles.

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi, Hot Toys is thrilled to introduce a series of collectibles based on this iconic film for fans!

The 1/6th scale C-3PO collectible figure is made with diecast metal material and features detailed mechanical design, skillfully applied metallic paint applications, LED light-up eyes, an interchangeable damaged face, specially designed figure base, and Jabba the Hutt’s noxious pet Salacious Crumb.

Celebrate the 40th anniversary of Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi with the classic C-3PO collectible figure in your collection today!

The 1/6th scale C-3PO Collectible Figure specially features:
– Authentic and detailed likeness of C-3PO in Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi
– One (1) mechanical head with LED light-up function (yellow light, battery operated)
– One (1) interchangeable faceplate with damaged right eye
– Beautiful recreation of gold chrome plated armors, silver right leg, and the skillfully applied weathering effects
– Approximately 29cm tall
– Body with over 26 points of articulations
– Highly detailed mechanical body design
– New highly detailed torso design with real-like wires
– Contains diecast material
– Six (6) pieces of mechanical interchangeable hands including:
– One (1) pair of relaxed hands
– Four (4) gesture hands
– Special package design with Star Wars: Return of the Jedi 40th Anniversary logo

– One (1) Salacious Crumb
– One (1) cushion
– One (1) Jabba’s palace themed graphic card
– Specially designed themed figure stand with Star Wars logo and character nameplate


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