Hot Toys: Toy Fair Exclusive 2014 – Ancient Predator


Toy Fair Exclusive #3 ist ein Predator, toll gemacht, aber auch nichts Neues.
Fazit: da hat Hot Toys in der Vergangenheit schon wesentlich Interessanteres als TFE aufgelegt.

The 1/6th scale Ancient Predator Collectible Figure specially features:
– Authentic and detailed likeness of Ancient Predator in the Alien vs. Predator movie
– Realistic and accurate 1/6th scale of approximately 35 cm tall
– Over 22 points of articulations
– Net on body, arms and legs
– Rubber hair with tribal accessories
– One (1) pair of interchangeable mandibles
– Six (6) pieces of interchangeable palms including:
– One (1) pair of fists
– One (1) pair of open palms
– One (1) right palm for holding spear or shuriken
– One (1) left palm for holding dagger

– One (1) articulated shoulder cannon
– One (1) extendable spear with dismembered alien head
– One (1) metal dagger with sheath
– One (1) pair of long blades attachable to forearm armor
– One (1) shuriken
– One (1) shuriken with blades

– One (1) detachable bio-mask with LED light-up function
– One (1) detachable embossed bio-mask with LED light-up function
– Two (2) bone trophies
– One (1) pair of forearm armor with six (6) interchangeable wrist metal blades of different lengths on the right
– One (1) chest armor with leather-like straps and sculpted skulls
– One (1) pair of thigh armor
– One (1) pair of leg armor
– Leather-like skirt with waist band
– One (1) rocky ground diorama base with sculpted skull and ruptured alien head








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