Original Effect: Killer Instinct


In the near future, the world becomes more turbulent. In the turmoil, the devil Devadatta who has sunken into the hell appears again in the world. He leads the martyrs who have suffered all kinds of hardships in the human world as a headmaster of a school. He comes to the world with the purpose of instilling the shocking indoctrination education to human beings, that is, death. The headmaster of the school only has one purpose. If human beings cannot send the killer who can kill those devils that disguise as teachers, the city will be destroyed until someone can kill the teachers. Everyday, the courses are the same in each city. Everyone is facing the threat of death. How will human beings deal with the course concerning life and death?

Original Effect startet eine Serie in einem recht stilisierten Look. Wieder mal Geschmackssache.


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