Quantum Mechanix: Lt. Commander Scott »Scotty« (Star Trek)


QMx präsentiert eine weitere 1/6 Star Trek Actionfigur, Lt. Commander Montgomery Scott, besser bekannt als “Scotty”.

The Quantum Mechanix Master Series articulated figure line for Star Trek: The Original Series (TOS) adds another original bridge crew member with the Enterprise’s engineering “miracle worker”, Lt. Commander Montgomery Scott.

More commonly known as “Scotty,” Lt. Commander Scott was the chief engineer for the starship Enterprise’s five-year mission. This sixth scale figure re-creates this iconic character in exquisite detail. Standing approximately 30 cm tall, every element, from his 23rd-century tunic to his custom black boots, is authentically reproduced. The original portrait sculpt of James Doohan as Scotty has an authentic, hand-painted likeness.

qmx-scotty01 qmx-scotty02 qmx-scotty03 qmx-scotty04 qmx-scotty05 qmx-scotty06


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