Star Ace: Billy Butcher (The Boys)


The 1/6th scale Billy Butcher (Deluxe ver.) collectible figure features:
– 1/6 scale body (approximately 30 cm tall) with over 30 points of articulation.
– Fully realized authentic likeness of Karl Urban as Billy Butcher in the Amazon Prime TV show “The Boys” (2019). The portraits are specially hand painted and features detailed skin texture and accurate facial expressions.

– One Billy Butcher with normal face expression
– Additional one Butcher with smiling face expression (Deluxe ver. only)

– One pair of open hands
– One pair of hands for holding the Sniper rifle
– One left hand for holding Colt M4A1
– One right hand for holding crowbar/cattle prod
– Additional one (1) right hand for holding cigarette (Deluxe version Only)

– One Shirt
– One Jacket
– One pair of Jeans
– One pair of socks
– One pair of boots

– One pair of sunglasses
– One necklace
– One Watch
– One Electric cattle prod
– One Sniper Rifle (Serbu BFG-50A)
– One Shovel
– One Crowbar

Additional Accessories for Deluxe version:
– One head with smiling expression
– One Baby with light-up function
– One cigarette
– One automatic rifle (Colt M4A1)


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