Star Ace: Lycan Soft Vinyl Statue (Underworld: Evolution)


Das ist zwar keine Actionfigur, dürfte aber sehr gut zu den Underworld Figuren von Star Ace passen.

Star Ace is proud to announce their Lycan 32 cm Soft Vinyl Statue from Underworld Evolution.

In the “Underworld” movie series a war rages in the darkness where humans cannot go. The vampires battle the werewolves or Lycans in a centuries-old war. The Lycans can transform from human to a fierce snarling beast, but still retain their human reasoning. This 32 cm tall vinyl figure represents a Lycan ready to go into battle, his mouth wide open showing his sharp teeth and his claws out, ready to rip apart his vampire foe. This figure features synthetic hair attached to the head sculpt to better represent the look of the Lycan.

The Deluxe version features a display base with the remnants of a building and spent shells from the ultraviolet ammunition used to kill vampires.


sa-lycan01 sa-lycan02 sa-lycan03 sa-lycan03b sa-lycan04 sa-lycan05 sa-lycan031

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