Vampirella – Jose Gonzalez 50th Anniversary Edition


What started as a comic magazine in 1969 quickly became a phenomenon, and now Vampirella celebrates her 50th anniversary in 2019 as a pop culture icon. Vampirella’s legacy has been marked through the years by contributions from the top writers and artists with Jose Gonzalez’s version being one of the most iconic images of Vampirella.

Product Features
– 1/6 Scale
– Made of plastic
– Seamless joint body
– 50th Anniversary
– Jose Gonzalez design

Box Contents
– Vampirella figure
– 3 Pairs of hands
– One-piece bikini-style costume
– Pair of high boots
– Arm band (for right upper arm)
– Pair of bangles
– Thigh band (for right thigh)
– Dagger
– Reduced scale bat model
– Reduced scale skull model
– Cape


tbl-vampirella01 tbl-vampirella02 tbl-vampirella03 tbl-vampirella04 tbl-vampirella05 tbl-vampirella06

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