TBLeague: Flexible Male Seamless Body – M36


TBLeague bringt einen großen schwarzen Basketballer Body.

Hooray! We have another powerful member, M36, joined our big family after the debut of M35 half a year ago!
His physique is typical of excellent basketball players. Stands 335mm tall, he is well-proportioned, strong in a lean way,
with his flexible and explosive strength stored in this not bulky build. Broad shoulders,
slim waist and narrow hips, you see no clumps of muscles, his muscles seem linear thus not bulky.
His dark skin also adds the sense of burliness and explosiveness.
Packing List:
1)  1 × M36 super flexible male seamless body
2)  3 pairs × interchangeable hands
3)  1 pair × removable flat-heeled feet
4)  2 pcs × Male genitalia
5)  4 color packaging




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