Threezero: Jon Snow Season 8 (Game of Thrones)


Threezero kündigt einen  Jon Snow aus Game of Thrones Season 8 an.

1/6th scale Game of Thrones Jon Snow collectible details:
* 11.5 inches (~29cm) custom designed action figure body
* Realistic head sculpt capturing the likeness of actor Kit Harington
* Warden of the North outfit
* Leather Vambraces
* Fur coat
* Glove ends (for displaying figure without Vambraces)
* Belt x2
* Boots
* Exchangeable hands
– 1 pair of fists
– 1 pair relaxed
– 1 pair gripped

* “Longclaw” sword with scabbard
* Dagger with scabbard
* Dragonglass dagger

S.P.A.C.E Link

tz-jon-Snow01 tz-jon-Snow02 tz-jon-Snow03 tz-jon-Snow04 tz-jon-Snow05 tz-jon-Snow06 tz-jon-Snow07 tz-jon-Snow08

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