VTS: Starship Force-Team Leader


Es ist immer wieder erfreulich, wenn ein Hersteller Figuren bringt, die bisher noch nicht da waren. So üräsentiert Virtual Toys ersmals eine Figur zu Starship Troopers. Standard und Deluxe Version mit Bug.

VTS TOYS:1/6 Collectible Figure- Starship Force-Team Leader(Deluxe Version)

NO. VM037 / VM037DX

The 1/6th scale Starship Force-Team Leader Collectible Figure’s special features:
(Parts in red exclusive to Deluxe Version VM037DX)
– Highly detailed head sculpt
– Muscular highly poseable body
-Seven (7) pieces of interchangeable hands including:
-One (1) right hand for shooting
-One (1) right hand for holding grenade
-One (1) right hand for holding dagger
-One (1) left hand for holding rifle
-One (1) left hand for holding nuke
-One (1) pair of relaxed hands

-One (1) gray infantry helmet
-One (1) gray infantry armor
-One (1) black shirt
-One (1) grey jacket
-One (1) grey pants
-One (1) neck wrap
-One (1) drop of leg
-Two (2) grenade pouches
-Two (2) ammo Clip pouches
-One (1) GP pouch
-One (1) waist GP pouch
-One (1) pair of boots

-One (1) rifle
-One (1) dagger
-One (1) Mini nuke
-Two (2) grenades

-One (1) Exclusive Square Base (included standard Ver.)
-One (1) specially designed figure stand with Alien Arachnid and nameplate (included deluxe Ver.)

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