Asmus Toys: Kibitsu Momoko (Girl Crush Series)


Von Asmus Toys kommt mit  Kibitsu Momoko die zweite Figur innerhalb der Girl Crush Serie.

The “Kibitsu Momoko” Sixth Scale Figure features:
.One highly detailed head sculpture designed by Asmus Toys’ design team: Mata
. One semi-seamless female Body
. One pair of relaxed posture hands
.One pair of weapon holding hands
.One pair of sword holding hands
.One pair of fist hands

Special features on Clothing:
.One pair of long sleeved school uniform shirt
.One pleated high school skirt
.One pair of white sweater coat
.One pair of striped underwear
.One pair of black underwear
.One pair of knee socks
.One pair of black student shoes

Special features in Accessories:
.One black schoolbag
.One mobile phone in pink unicorn case
.One pink Momoko Samurai helmet
.One pink Samurai mask
.One pair of black elbow pads
.One pink belt with two scabbards
.One pair of knee pads
.One pair of double-row roller skates
.Two Samurai swords

Special features in Base set:
.One monkey
.One chihuahua
.One pheasant
.One blue ghost bust
.One dumpling bag
.One black base
.One bus stop sign
.One broken part of bus stop wall

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