Blitzway: Devil Moli (Hunters: Day After WWIII)


Blitzway präsentiert mit Devil Moli eine neue Figur in der Hunters: Day After WWIII Serie.

[Product Specifications]
· BHEADworks’ illustration.
· Newly developed, original design head sculpt and make-up.
· Highly detailed realistic equipments from original design.
· Sophisticatedly tailored and designed outfits.
· Newly designed and developed female body with over 30 points of articulations.
· Highly detailed POLYSTONE diorama base.
Costume & Accessories
1 Trench coat
1 Set of full-face headgear
1 Upper body armor
1 Knee armor
1 Shin armor
1 Ankle armor
1 Pair of boots
2 Pairs of gloved hands
1 Belt
1 Luxurious and weighty POLYSTONE diorama base
1 Set of dual pistols
1 Car door shield
1 Backpack
2 Multi tool blades (Assembly with backpack)
1 Devil rabbit doll
1 Back armor and oxygen tank (for Devil rabbit doll)
1 Screw (for Devil rabbit doll)
1 Saw (for Devil rabbit doll)
3 Grenades
1 Dynamite
1 Walkie talkie
1 Leg strap

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