Asmus Toys: Nazgûl (Lord of the Rings)


Asmus legt eine neuen Nazgûl auf.

The Nazgûl Sixth Scale Figure features authentic and detail of Nazgûl from The Lord of the Rings trilogy.
· Approximately 30 cm tall
· Over 32 points of articulation

An articulated body by Coo Model to support the extra weight of alloy armour
Nazgûl armour includes:

  • One pair of bicep brace
  • One pair of forearmed brace
  • One pair of thigh piece
  • One pair of calf brace
  • One pair of foot piece
  • One pair of relaxed posture hand in armor
  •  One pair of weapon holding hand in armor
  • One pair of fist posture hand in armor

Special features on Clothing:

  • One black hood
  • One pair of long sleeved robe
  • One pair of long sleeved under tunic
  • One pair of long sleeved undervest
  • One black inner garment
  • One set of belt

Special features in Weapon:

  • One Nazgûl sword (Alloy) with scabbard
    · One Morgul blade (Alloy) with scabbard
    · Bonus features: One Witchking Sword (Alloy) with scabbard

· One Asmus Toys figure stand

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