i8 Toys: Oiran Ichiya clothing Set


von i8 Toys kommt dieses Geisha Set in 4 KimonoVarianten.

Black longfurisode
Green & red long furisode
Red long furisode
 Purple long furisode

Product Includes:
-Female head Sculpt (moveable eyeballs)
-Long furisode  x 1
***The cutting is base on reallong furisode, length can be adjusted, suitable for any brands of 1/6 scalefemale body.
-Suzu (small bell) 
-Kiseru(tobacco pipe)
-Left hand shape for holding kiseru
-High heel Geta (high heel Japanese clogs)
i8Toys.Geisha01 i8Toys.Geisha02 i8Toys.Geisha03 i8Toys.Geisha04 i8Toys.Geisha05 i8Toys.Geisha06


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