Sideshow: David (The Lost Boys)


“Now you know what we are, now you know what you are.”

Initiation’s over — time to join the club. Sideshow presents the David Sixth Scale Figure from the cult classic vampire film The Lost Boys (1987). This fully costumed and articulated horror collectible figure is a must-have tribute to the iconic Santa Carla native.

The David Sixth Scale Figure is a mixed media collectible featuring a faithful likeness of actor Kiefer Sutherland and a custom-tailored, movie-accurate fabric costume. His outfit is layered with an undershirt, a faux-leather jacket, an overcoat with decorative medals and buttons, and faux-leather pants. David comes with both a neutral portrait and a fanged vampire portrait, each detailed with his feathered earring and his sculpted hair styled in a textured blonde mullet.

The David Sixth Scale Figure also comes with a cave’s worth of unique accessories that can be used for recreating some of the most quotable moments from the movie. They’re only noodles, Michael — three unique boxes of takeout filled with rice, maggots, and worms, plus an ornate wine bottle, are perfect for a party night in a coastal vampire lair. The figure includes a total of 10 swap-out hands in various gestures including fists, relaxed palms, ungloved claws, object-holding hands, and even a right hand with non-removable chopsticks.

We’ve been aware of some very serious vampire activity in this town for a long time — just ask the Frog Brothers. To give collectors even more display options for their undead troublemaker, the figure features swap-out feet including David’s spurred boots, bare clawed feet, and a third option of bare feet for hanging upside down. David can be displayed upside down on the figure stand and comes with a cave ceiling accessory that attaches to the hanging feet to create this gravity-defying, monstrous pose. Fans won’t want to miss this comprehensive horror action figure as the ultimate souvenir from a trip to Santa Carla, California — if they survive.

The David Sixth Scale Figure includes:

  • Two (2) headsculpts:
    • Neurtral portrait
    • Vampire portrait
  • Tailored Costume, including:
    • Coat
    • Vest
    • Shirt
    • Pants
    • Shoes
  • Ten (10) swap-out hands:
    • Fists
    • Relaxed palms
    • Ungloved claws
    • Object-holding hands
    •  Right hand with non-removable chopsticks
  • Three (3) swap-out feet
    • Boots
    • Clawed bare feet
    • Hanging bare feet
  • Figure stand
  • Cave ceiling accessory
  • Three (3) takeout boxes
  • Rice
  • Maggots
  • Worms
  • Ornate wine bottle


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